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START: If you're a fan of vintage or antiques, don't miss the Marche des Antiquaires and the Vide Greniers. These events are both great places to find bargains. And the best part is that you can get in for free. Just remember to bring a large amount of cash and your credit card! The market is held every Monday and lasts until Sunday. You can also shop from a selection of local shops.

Vide Greniers
Vide Greniers are unpacking sales held in many small towns throughout France. These events are a mix of local sellers and professional dealers. The items on sale are often antiques or fun junk. Many of the Vide Greniers are very inexpensive and are fun for the whole family. Here you can pick up antiques and collectibles for a fraction of the cost of a regular flea market.

The first weekend of September is the biggest vide-grenier in France and Europe. This event features over 200 km of stall space and over 10,000 sellers. It is a two-day affair with a very friendly atmosphere and professional vendors. In addition to antiques, Buy Yelp Reviews there are also a number of second-hand goods and sewing materials for sale. A great place to look for unique treasures is Vide Greniers in Lille.

March of Aligre
The Marche d'Aligre is a unique indoor and outdoor flea market in France. The place is bustling with antiques and crafts, and the outdoor market is full of regional food and bulk grains. You can pick up a bargain here, and you're sure to find something of interest for your home. It's not a place for serious antique hunters, but for those who are looking for something unique, this may be the place for you.

The Marche d'Aligre was founded in 1779 and is named after the widow who donated the old hospice there. Today, the market is an indoor and outdoor attraction, with antiques and secondhand goods dealers. It's a great place to go if you're looking for a good deal, and you can find everything from clothing and home furnishings to art and antiquities.

Flea market
In addition to the traditional outdoor flea market, Marche des Puces also features an indoor market, the largest of its kind in the world. It has 2,500 dealers and is open on Saturdays and Mondays. The vast indoor flea market is the perfect place to find a great selection of antiques and vintage items. The atmosphere is fun, and there is a good chance to find a bargain.
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Located in Paris Saint-Ouen, the Marche aux Puces is a well-known indoor flea market. Visitors can walk through it for free on Mondays and Sundays, and are given the option to buy antiques and vintage items. The market is served by the metro Porte de Clignancourt line 4, so regular subway tickets will get you to the venue. Several bus lines also connect visitors to the market.

Antiques Market
If you're looking to buy a bargain and get some quality antiques, Buy Glassdoor Reviews you should check out the Marche des Antiquaires de France. This Paris indoor flea market has a wide variety of antique items. You'll find everything from antique furniture to art works. The market is held on 7000 square metres of market garden land. It's free to enter and is open every weekend, Sunday and Monday.

The Marche Dauphin is home to 150 dealers, including those specializing in furniture and art from the 17th century. You can find some high quality pieces for a relatively reasonable price, and you'll be able to compare prices with other Parisian antique shops. Another great place to buy high quality items is the Marche Jules Valles, where you can find 120 stalls selling unique items. This market also features military memorabilia and vintage items: read more