On which CMS should i focus as a software developer?


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I'm a software developer free netflix and interested in creating a variation of websites for friends and customers. I already built some websites with Wordpress and worked at a place where we used Pimcore. I'm used to HTML, CSS, JS & PHP.
My next project, netflix free trial is to upgrade a website for some friends, upcoming movies they got a little shop and they want to be present in the Internet. I thought about doing it with Wordpress, cause it's just a little site and they can't pay much.
But i'm not sure if Wordpress can handle shop objects? I already worked with Pimcore and know, that this CMS is optimized to handle a lot of objects. I just don't know if it's worth to put in the work.

I'm just not sure for which project sizes I should prefer which CMS. Maybe someone else has more experience with this. Or maybe can recommend me a totally different CMS.
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