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Introduction To Woocommerce Stock Manager Plugin

The WooCommerce Stock Manager Plugin allows you to manage stock for products and their variables from one screen. The WooCommerce Stock Manager extension gives you a new interface (found in the admin menu under the post) that lists your products and variations along with their stock properties.
In WooCommerce Stock Manager, products can be filters by Product ID, Product Name, and default sorting. Via WooCommerce Stock Manager, you can easily set all Product Stock, Product Status, Weight, SKU, Product Title, ProductId, and much more.

Key Features WooCommerce Stock Manager:
  • WooCommerce Stock Manager Can Support Both Simple & Variable Product
  • Admin Can Manage Stock of All Product In Same Window
  • Admin Can Manage Product Sale Price of All Product In Same Window
  • Admin Can Manage Product Regular Price
  • Set the Product SKU in same Window
  • See Product With their Thumbnails
  • Admin Can set Product Name for Both Variable & Simple Product
  • With Stock Manager You can Uniquely See Product with Their IDs
  • Display Auto Incremented ID
  • Admin Can also see the Stock regarding Stock level & with Different Colors
  • Controls the Per Page Product Pagination
  • You Can easily Set the Product Settings
  • Search Product by name and update information
The price of this Plugin is ONLY $ 29. For further details please click on Hyperlink: